“$17.6 million federal grant will help preserve health insurance for children of low-income families threatened by state budget cuts.” Washington’s children are safe for now, but the mere fact that Apple Health for Kids was on the chopping block proves that no one is safe from the budget cuts…

A recent article from the Seattle Times about the cuts. “This is a budget that is meant for the worst economic downturn in eight decades. It uses the word ‘eliminate’ about 80 times.”

Here is a document that lists the cuts happening in Washington. It’s long, but the “How we achieve savings” parts are where they list the cuts. Most striking —

Eliminate the State Food Assistance Program,
but provide funding in the Department of
Agriculture budget to purchase commodities for
food banks. ($45.6 million GF-S)

Eliminate the Basic Health Plan. The state will no longer offer subsidized health insurance to 66,000 individuals through the Basic Health program. Staff  positions associated with the program will also be eliminated. A nonsubsidized Basic Health Program will continue to be offered.  ($230.2 million GF-S; $117.3 million General Fund-Federal)

Eliminate school-based medical service reimbursements. Washington school districts will no longer be reimbursed for medical services to Medicaid-eligible children required as part of  their individual educational plan.  ($11.0 million GF-S)

Deport all non-citizen drug and property offenders now incarcerated. Newly sentenced non-citizen offenders are now processed for deportation upon arrival at the state prison system.  ($2.5 million GF-S; $3.1 million GF-F)

Among many others.


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