March 4th

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Today, in solidarity with actions across the country, Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget held a funeral for our Education, Healthcare, Environmental and other vital Social Services that our legislature has put on the chopping block. Once a collection of funereal songs had been played, our emcee led the ceremony as 12 members and friends gave eulogies to the possibilities that the proposed budget may make impossible.

Once our coffin, bearing the words “R.I.P. Education”, was placed upon our makeshift Hearse, a funeral procession of about 30 cars made their way through the streets of Olympia, with our own private escort of bicyclists blocking intersections to clear our path. Just before we reached the Capitol building to protest the attacks on those least able to afford them, our “Hearse” proved our point by refusing to push itself up the final hill. Unperturbed, passengers streamed out of the following cars and pushed our beholden future up the hill. We like to think that the image of twenty people in black pushing an old car with a coffin holding their dearly beloved futures’ up to the steps of the Capitol made some impact on the many waiting Police Officers.

Once we were all reassembled we solemnly made our way up the Capitol steps, until our way was blocked by Police who refused to let us present the legislature with the coffin that they had filled. We left the coffin on the steps and filed into the Senate gallery. The impact upon the floor to a gallery packed with standing onlookers dressed in black was obvious and immediate. After several minutes had elapsed, the tune of Amazing Grace began to build. Soon all business on the floor came to a halt as we sang our own version of Amazing Grace, a version that reflected how we felt about the proposed budget cuts. The Police then escorted, according to the Huffington Post, all 75 of us out of the gallery and back out onto the steps, singing all the way. Many on the Senate floor gave a standing ovation.

Following the event, many testified at a Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing on a bill that would decrease the regressive nature of the Washington State tax structure (currently the most regressive). Our voices were larger in number, and far greater in quality than the Tea Partiers that were expected to swamp the event. Today, all across the country, we have shown that it is not only the reactionaries that have a strong voice. And March 4th is only the beginning.


On March 4th, students, teachers, staff, union members, healthcare workers and citizens alike, will be attending a National Day of Action to protest the devastating Budget Cuts that are sweeping the country. Cuts to vital social programs are taking place while the big banks and Wall Street executives that were central in the creation of this economic crisis are reporting record profits! Profits that we, the taxpayers, handed to them in the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity!

Action at Evergreen State College

MARCH 4th facebook event- RSVP

On March 4th, Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget will be holding a funeral for the vital services that our state legislature plans on cutting. Students will assemble in Red Square at noon to hear and perform eulogies for the future that our elected representatives seemingly fail to value. We will be dressed in black, in mourning, or wearing black arm bands. At 1 o’clock we will begin our funeral procession to the capitol on bicycles and in cars. We will then present a coffin, filled with personalized testimonials on how the cuts will affect each and every one of us, to the legislature. Our aim: to resurrect our futures, to create a fair tax structure, to provide health care to those in need, to democratize society, and to affirm our belief that access to quality education is a human right. Unless we the people can make our voices heard, we may as well intone: Our Future, R.I.P.


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