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  1. I am a current benefactor of the Lifeline Disability program and WSHIP, and also a 5 year survivor of HIV. I would love to be able to find something to do to help protest the budget proposals Gregoire has made. Without my psych meds, and of course my HIV meds, my life would quickly spiral into unmanagability, and whether it’s stuffing envelopes, or handing out flyers, I was wondering if there is an office in Seattle, or supplies I could be sent, or any way I could become involved. Thanks for your time, Mario.

    • Mario,

      Thank you for your interest. I’m sorry to hear that these cuts are effecting you so heavily. As of right now we are stationed in Olympia, but we would love for you to be involved. One thing you could do is write up a short story about how these cuts are effecting you and we could publish it on our webpage – anonymously or otherwise. Also, if you would like to help us with outreach, I can email you our flier that you could hang up around Seattle. We are trying to mobilize as many people as possible, hear as many stories as possible and be as effective as possible. If you would like to email us some contact info, send it to I’ll have more info for you soon.


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