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Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget is a community group working to fight the devastating budget cuts that have been proposed by Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire. We are currently working on outreach projects in order to begin a grassroots movement to defend the social services that have been fought for by previous generations.

We are concerned with the vast cuts to education, health care and other social services, which include major cuts or eliminations of programs like the State Need Grant which helps low income students go to college, Work Study, Basic Health, and layoffs,  growing class sizes, and a decline in quality of public services in general.

These cuts hit low-income families the hardest, and affect the rest of us who are struggling in these hard financial times. So please join us in fighting for a truly fair budget.


  1. No layoffs, furlows or cuts to health care, education, social services, or environmental protection!
  2. Introduce a progressive tax structure in Washington State. No new taxes on the working class or the poor.
  3. Free education, health care, social services, and environmental programs under direct democratic, community control.
  4. Full federal bailout of state higher education and social services, not financial institutions and the military.
  5. Full legalization and equal rights for all undocumented immigrants.

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