Posted by: olycoforfairbudget | March 28, 2011

Why Week of Protests? April 2-8.

We are shutting it down! April 5th-8th Washingtonians will rise up to say Enough is Enough! We want a people’s budget and we want it now! We know that it is possible and that there is a huge source of revenue that lawmakers have ignored because they have been serving corporate interests rather than people’s interest.

Current Situation: Washington State is facing an enormous budget deficit, currently slated for $4.6 billion. However, it is not as if we do not have the money. Our elected officials have been put in a box both by the voters and by the power of corporations. Virtually every corporation in the State receives some sort of tax break. If we can close these loopholes, we can have a just budget.

Our Vision: We need to apply large and sustained pressure in Olympia that is bigger than usual rallies. We want a series of events that up the ante, that make legislators and the Governor uncomfortable, and show a groundswell of support for a fair budget. There is only one shot at this and if we do not put everything we have into it, we have to wait two more years.

The Basics of Our Demands (detailed demands are being developed) are:
1) Stop Scapegoating the Poor, People of Color, Immigrants, and Workers
2) Close Corporate Loopholes
3) Stop the Cuts
4) Create Jobs

The people will take back Washington! April 5th Olympia! Meet at the Rafah Sister City Mural Project on State and Capitol 10AM and we will march on the capitol to let lawmakers know: Enough is enough!

We demand a people’s budget! We demand an end to the budget crisis that regressive taxation has created! Tax loopholes in Washington state add up to about 4 billion every 2 years! Guess what our projected deficit is? You got it 4 billion!

This is the start of a week of protests and this is OUR DAY Olympia. This is the day when we go to the capitol with a show of force in the thousands! We do it our way! We bring the noise! We bring the analysis! We bring the action, the DIRECT action!

It’s going to be festive. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be packed with people from all over. There will be dancing in Olympia’s revolution! Oh yes! There will be DANCING!

And who will lead? You will! WHO will lead? YOU will! You will lead by not going to work that day and by coming to the capitol! When you are at the capitol we’ll give you the Microphone! We’ll give you the bullhorn! We won’t let them rest! Nu uh!

on the 5th, Music starts at noon at the capitol steps. We’ve got puppets and plays and people, massive numbers of people. YOU, YOUR friends, EVERYONE you know and everyone you don’t in Olympia, in South Puget Sound and eventually ALL of Washington!

Get ready to stay until your demands are met. Stay until YOUR demands are met! Want to help make this day rock like a little Cairo? Get in touch…

Activities are planned from the 5th of April to the 8th and we are hoping to generate as big and wide a turnout as possible! If you’re tired of politicians giving taxpayers money to the military; If you’re tired of seeing incredibly profitable corporations get off the hook without paying their fair share; If you are concerned about the severe, proposed cuts to social services; If you’re looking to build a large and unified movement to create positive change….then PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US FOR OUR APRIL WEEK OF ACTION.

So far, we have received endorsements from: Washington Community Action Network (WA-CAN), Washington State Labor Council, Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSME, Radical Woman & Sisters Organizing for Survival, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights (POWER), Washington Teacher’s Association, Our Economic Future, SEIU and others. We are hoping to build an inclusive, robust, and effective response to budget cuts and extend the invitation to everyone who cares about a fair budget.

We also need your help to agitate, organize, and mobilize! Get involved!

Outreach to groups you are involved in! Let us know!
Contact me! (see phone below!)
In Solidarity,
Nikki Miller

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